Internal Mobility: The Retention Champion

Internal Mobility: The Retention Champion

4 months ago

You've likely heard the recent chatter about Internal mobility (employees shifting roles within the same company). This trend is gaining traction for several reasons: it's seen as an effective means to fill open positions, particularly in sectors where hiring remains sluggish. Moreover, it's instrumental in enhancing retention and keeping employees engaged, countering concerns about silent departures and employee retention. The statistics back it up, with internal mobility rates showing a significant uptick in recent years.

Talent Management

The message is clear: if your company isn't prioritizing internal mobility, you may already be lagging behind competitors. However, while internal mobility is increasing overall, certain employee demographics are more inclined to take advantage of it. Notably, managers and higher-ups are twice as likely to make internal moves compared to their subordinates. The key takeaway for talent management is to emulate the practices of higher-ups and foster a culture of mobility for all employees, not just those in leadership positions.

Interestingly, internal movers tend to develop collaborative and inclusive skills more frequently than those who move externally. This underscores the importance of cultivating such skills to facilitate internal mobility and retention. By recognizing and encouraging the development of skills like collaboration, inclusion, and adaptability, companies can foster an environment conducive to internal movement.

The Opportunity

While internal mobility presents significant opportunities, it also reveals disparities among employee levels. Talent management should focus on bridging this gap by fostering an inclusive culture that supports internal mobility for all. This entails promoting visibility and support for internal job opportunities, fostering cross-functional collaboration, and recognising employees who successfully transition internally. Additionally, investing in the development of skills such as diversity and inclusion, emotional intelligence, and change management can facilitate not only internal mobility but also employee success in an evolving work landscape.

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