Lawyer or Paralegal Jobs in Malta

Lawyer or Paralegal Jobs in Malta

10 months ago

At AIMS International Malta we cater for all levels of Corporate and Legal vacancies, from entry level to C-Suite and can assist in your search for Lawyer or Legal Counsel Jobs in Malta. We can assist across maritime, corporate/business, data protection, immigration, tax, IP, employment as well as other legal areas within the legal profession.


The duties of a Lawyer or a Legal Counsel can vary greatly depending on the industry, however more often than not, Lawyer or Legal Counsel jobs in Malta can consist of:

- Drafting and vetting of resolutions, contracts and agreements.

- Conduct legal research and provide legal advice to clients.

- Ensuring compliance with current laws and regulations.

- Attending board meetings and draft minutes.

- Drafting legal options.

- Certification of documents.

- Represent clients in court.


Do I need certain qualifications or experience for lawyer or legal counsel jobs in Malta?

To become a Lawyer, one needs to possess a Warrant which is issued by the President of the Republic. To be eligible for the Warrant, individuals must have clean conduct, an academic degree in Law and attend legal practice not shorter than a year, among other requirements.

For EU nationals looking to practice Law in Malta, they need to register with the Ministry of Justice, Equality and Governance and get approval under their home country professional title. We recruit for all types of Lawyer or Legal Counsel jobs in Malta. We can assist clients in sourcing top candidates for their Lawyer or Legal Counsel jobs in Malta or assist candidates seeking that next role on their career pathway.


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