How Can We Help Your Business In Malta?

How Can We Help Your Business In Malta?

10 months ago

We specialize in the recruitment of Accounting, Legal and Compliance professionals

Why should you consider recruitment services in Malta? Simply put, hiring is often the most difficult, yet one of the most important components within your business to get right. The recruitment process can often be a time consuming and overwhelming one and it can sometimes be more efficient and effective to outsource this function to a specialist employment agency that can offer a variety of tailor-made services for your needs.

At AIMS International Malta, we specialize in executive search and talent management in the financial services industry in Malta. Our portfolio of clients is ranging from banks, insurance companies, payment service providers, investment services and corporate service providers. We develop long-standing business relationships with clients who trust us with their recruitment and HR needs. We take time to understand your business, come up with holistic solutions and create bespoke recruitment packages to suit your needs. The quality of service we provide is constant across all levels, from junior positions to C-suite management because we truly believe all employees are important assets for your business.

Whether you are a small company setting up in a new country or a bigger business looking to expand its team in Malta, we invest our time in helping enhance your employer branding, help promote your brand on the market to future employees and become your brand ambassadors whilst assisting in the recruitment process.

We build for the future by developing long term business relationships which in turn leads us to understand our clients’ requirements better, understand their business culture and how a future employee may fit within their organization.

If you are a business in the financial services industry, looking for a trusted partner who specializes in the compliance, legal or accountancy sectors to make the recruitment process easier and more efficient, or simply to find that next employee fit for your organization, then please feel free to get in touch.


Looking to hire in Malta?

·        ​We will arrange a consultation meeting to understand your business and hiring requirements so we can tailor our approach to your needs.

·        Source available and qualified candidates for the initial presentation. If none of the candidates in our database are suitable for your specific role, we will start the headhunting process.

·        Discuss terms of business suitable for your service requirement.

·        Represent your business on the market and build brand awareness. We pride ourselves in knowing your business inside and out to best represent your company.

·        Liaise interviews for candidates and clients, taking the time-consuming scheduling out of your hands.

·        Offer the candidate the role if they are successful in the interviews and support onboarding the applicant into the business.

·        Continued support and aftercare once the candidate has started the role such as offering further training and continuing to act as brand ambassadors. Furthermore, you will have the first choice of top talent that is new to the market.

·        Please feel free to reach out to us with regards to our recruitment services in Malta for a free no obligation consultation to see how we can assist you with your recruitment process.

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