The Art of Following Up

The Art of Following Up

over 1 year ago

What’s the most frustrating part of a job search? Most likely you said not hearing anything back. Our followers on LinkedIn said that’s one of the hardest aspects of hunting for a job. You put in the time and effort to craft your resume. You landed an interview, put time into preparing for the interview, maybe you think it went well, and then… nothing. Crickets. Perhaps you don’t even get a message saying you didn’t get the job. It can be hard to process. It’s like a slow death. You start wondering, maybe the interview didn’t actually go well. Maybe I said something they didn’t like. You think, no, it can’t be, maybe they’re just taking a long time to decide.

So, what can you do if you don’t hear anything back? Stefani Grech, Manager at AIMS MALTA, says it starts during the interview.

“I suggest candidates ask three questions during an interview,” said Grech. “What is going to be my first priority in this job, why is this role open, and when can I expect to hear back?”

By asking when you can expect to hear back, you convey the message that you’re eager for the job and that you do in fact expect to hear back. Grech also says it’s good practice to send a thank you email after an interview. This is one more opportunity for you to tell them you await their reply.

What to do if you don’t hear anything back after an interview

Okay, maybe you forgot to ask when you can expect to hear back, and now you’re left wondering if you’ll ever hear anything. How long after not hearing should you get in touch? According to Grech, the answer is one week.

“Send an email after one week,” said the recruitment manager. “After one week, it’s perfectly acceptable to reach out. It won’t come off as pushy. It won’t come off as aggressive. One week is fine.”

If you’re struggling with what to say to a potential employer after not hearing anything back, here is a sample of what you could send after one week of silence.

Dear hiring manager,

It was lovely meeting you last week. I enjoyed having the opportunity for an interview. I remain interested in the position, and I’m looking forward to your feedback.

Kind regards,

Your Name

By following these tips, you can minimize the pain of not hearing anything back during a job search. Be sure to check out our list of JOBS and get started on your next career move.

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