Interview Tips: 8 Things You Need To Know

Interview Tips: 8 Things You Need To Know

over 2 years ago

Interviews are a daunting experience for job seekers of all levels… The best thing you can do to bring comfort in a vulnerable situation is to be prepared!! Preparation allows a level of confidence that you can rely on in an interview, avoiding awkward silences, rambling, and anything else that makes us uncomfortable…. But where does one start? AIMS International Malta has put together some tried and tested interview tips to help you ace your interview…

Research the company
No one expects you to be an expert, however they do expect you to show an interest in the company you are considering joining and this is expressed through your research. A great thing about researching the company, you can identify valid questions to raise at an interview, strengthening your interest in the role. Dedicate 30 minutes to research, a great place to start is their website…

Use Google Maps to locate the office
Do a test run to identify how long it takes to get there, this eliminating any added stress on the day of the interview.

Understand the role you’re applying for
Job titles and descriptions may vary from company to company, so to avoid confusion, become familiar with the duties in order to play to your strengths and be honest about your weaknesses in reference to the role. This will highlight your suitability for the role, as well as allow the employer to tailor your training accordingly.

Dress to impress
Some companies have a relaxed dress code, whilst others have a strict business dress code. It is always a great idea to dress in business attire– you will be remembered as the one who put in the extra effort! 

Identify your unique selling points
And be comfortable owning them!! A unique selling point is a personal or professional attribute that sets you apart from your competition… Modesty does not help you stand out in an interview, so be brave and be comfortable expressing how amazing you are and why this company should hire you!!!

Understand every question as a competency-based question
In short, this way of interviewing allows interviewees to provide real-life examples of their work, relating to the role. As a rule, every point you make in an interview, it’s best to back it up with an example.

Take your CV and notes with you
There’s a chance the interviewer will already have your CV printed, take a copy for you to ensure that you don’t forget the order to employment, dates, etc! Taking your CV and notes in a folder will show the interviewer that you are prepared.

Be yourself!!!
Yes, you may have the skills to do the job, but interviewers are also assessing your fit within the team… The best and most comfortable interviews are the ones where you establish common interests and let the conversation flow naturally…Let your personality shine through!

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