Applying for jobs in Malta? Read our top tips…

Applying for jobs in Malta? Read our top tips…

about 2 years ago

​Applying for a job can be daunting for any level of applicant! Having a strong application is vital to ensure that you get recognised by your targeted audience.

​The Consultants at AIMS Malta take immense pride in constructing strong CVs and Personal Profiles guaranteed to get you an interview, at least! However, we respect that candidates want to apply directly. Here are our top tips for applying directly for a job:

1. Prepare your CV and Cover Letter

This is an important step that candidates often miss out.

Add your education and work experience, preferably starting with the most recent achievement/ job to draw the hiring managers’ attention there more easily.

Use relevant keywords on your CV to pinpoint your skills – for example, if a client is searching for a candidate who can prepare management accounts, the term “management accounts” will stand out on your CV!

A cover letter is not always needed, but really helpful to keep on hand in case the hiring manager requests one upon submitting the application. Think of it as a short personal profile, explaining to the employer how your experience directly links to the role you are applying for. A well created cover letter, personalised to the company, can really set you apart from other candidates.

*TIP: Don’t include the wrong company or manager name on the cover letter, this is a big no-no and will guarantee you a rejection!

2. Search for the job you want!

There are many ways you can search for a job, social media sources like LinkedIn make the process a lot simpler. As Consultants, this is where we come in. We hold calls and meetings with you to discuss your experience, education, and skills, and to discuss what you are looking for. We simplify the research process by providing you with the ideal job roles that fit your background and interest and guide you during the interview stage.

When applying directly make sure to read the job description of the role well, as this is where you will know if this job would suit you. We recommend cross-referencing your CV keywords with the job description, as this will help simplify the description and remind you to include the keyword in your CV if you haven’t already!

*TIP: Take the role requirements with a pinch of salt, if they are looking for a “Qualified Accountant with 8 years experience”.. it’s okay if you only have 6 years, companies will likely make exceptions for great candidates!

3. Research companies before applying!

Are there any companies in Malta that you dream to work with? Is there a particular industry you want to explore?

We encourage you to research different companies in Malta to help give you a clearer picture of what you are looking for. Company culture and reputation are very important, so take a glance at their ‘about us’ page, seeing what they do and what they stand for and updating yourself on any news or current events about the company, will help you decide if this is a company that can support your needs and goals. Do check out where they are located as well, in case you would not consider a company located too far from where you live.

*TIP: Your application and CV are so important, you want to make sure you are sending them to companies that are suited to your requirements!

4. Submitting Your Application

Finally, after all that effort and research, you have shortlisted your top roles and companies. Now, you can confidently submit your application. Tailor your Cover Letter / Introduction Email / Personal Profile and make sure you send the correct one…. Good Luck!!!

*TIP: Save your CV and Cover Letter in a Word Document for ease of editing. When deciding what company to send it to, save it as “Your Name – CV / Cover Letter – Company” as a PDF. This eliminates any chance of sending the wrong document to the wrong company!

**TIP: Avoid “Dear Sir / Madam / Whom it may concern” – take some time to check their website or LinkedIn and address it to someone specific!

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