Video Interviews: Embrace Them & Ace Them!

Video Interviews: Embrace Them & Ace Them!

over 2 years ago

​The world has fast adapted to working from home and virtual meetings, this includes virtual interviews. Although it’s better to meet in person, having a first interview via video call could be the way forward and we think you should embrace it. AIMS International Malta has put together some tips for video interviewing to help you impress and make it to the face-to-face stage!!!

Test your Technology

Technology is fantastic but can fail us at the most crucial times. To avoid this… test it! Whether you are using Skype, Zoom or Teams, become familiar with the software and ensure you have a clear connection. Test your camera, microphone and internet connection.

Test how you will appear on camera; as an example, you should position yourself in the center of the frame, a good distance from the screen.

Tech issues can be expected, avoided, and forgiven –prepare yourself to handle any unplanned tech issues like a professional!

Consider your setup

Position yourself in a room where you will not be disturbed by visitors or noise! Ensure you have good lighting (not too dark, not too light). It is a good idea to warn other people in your house that you have an interview – to avoid any mishaps!
A great feature of Teams is the ability to blur your background, or to choose a default background:

Dress code!

Although you are in the comfort of your own home, and it is super tempting to leave your pyjamas on – it will really impress prospective employers if you make an effort in your calls. This starts with business attire, not only will dressing in smarter attire gives you incredible confidence, but it will also kick your mindset into “interview mode” – leaving the interviewer impressed and having a fantastic impression of you!
Not sure what dress code to follow: Think about when you are in the office, what was acceptable and what wasn’t. You can’t go wrong with an ironed shirt, brushed hair!


Be professional, be polite and be present!

Wait for the interviewer to finish their question, and then start speaking clearly. When they are speaking demonstrate listening signals such as nodding and looking engaged.

Ensure all applications on your laptop/device are closed to be sure that you will not get distracted.

Most importantly…. Smile!

Use notes

Similar to face to face interviews, don’t be scared to take your preparation notes with you. Tell your interviewer you have some notes but as a rule, do not read from your bit of paper, as this will take engagement away from the interviewer –use bullet points for prompters.

Avoid taking notes whilst your interviewer is talking – however, it is a good idea to spend some time after the interview to put all of your thoughts on paper –this will allow you to remember, and to think of questions for your next interview!

Browse our open JOBS and see if there are any roles you would like to apply these virtual interview tips to!

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